International Development

International development organizations are on the front lines of helping to improve the lives of people in different places and situations.

Securing funding and successfully delivering programs in vulnerable communities is a persistent challenge. Worker safety, effectiveness, and efficiency are all improved when the right information can be obtained and exchanged at the right time—from field to headquarters, (e.g. conditions and status reports), headquarters to field, (e.g. logistics and schedules), and inter-organizationally.

Planetworks understands that the global revolution in personal communication and access to information has an important role to play.

There’s a huge untapped potential for process transformation—awaiting only the innovative application of technology based on careful consideration of requirements, operating conditions and the evolving state-of-the-art.

We bring a deep understanding of information technology, connectivity and networks, and their application in this context:

  • Digital transformation presents tremendous opportunities and challenges for development agencies with respect to their internal processes and interactions with suppliers, partners, and donors.
  • The convergence of systems across technology layers to provide a seamless experience in support of well-defined business processes is a key challenge for international development agencies, given their broad geographical reach and diverse technology landscape.
  • Adequate, reliable, secure, cost-effective connectivity is a foundational service for any organization, more so for ones with deep-field presence, which seek to optimize their use of available resources.


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