Public Safety

Today’s complex environment requires continuous collaboration and communication between public safety agencies to meet growing public safety threats and challenges.

Communications systems for public safety have evolved over many decades, due in large part to the accelerated advancements in technology. As a result, most legacy systems have outlived their efficacy and can no longer support the current needs of public safety with a view to future needs.

Planetworks has a long and successful history of supporting the upgrade of public safety communications systems, including the many associated technical challenges that occur when migrating from legacy to new and emerging technologies. In the majority of these multi-year projects, migration occurred with minimal, or no, legacy vendor support and required risk identification and mitigation activities to ensure uninterrupted communications.

Many of our engineers have been and continue to be an integral part of vital communications solutions that have helped public safety agencies expand coverage, protect critical infrastructure and manage millions of emergency calls and public safety incidents every year.

Special Projects

The CAUSE Resiliency (West Coast) Experiment 2011 was one of a series of projects jointly sponsored by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Centre for Security Science and supported by Emergency Management BC (EMBC).

The project was designed to expose and demonstrate newly operational and emerging technologies and to guide future research and development.

The experiment implemented a number of technologies and integrations and engaged operational emergency management communities in BC and bordering organizations in the US.

Paul Childs served as Project Manager/Technical Lead for the CAUSE project. He integrated the systems, wrote the script, and managed the filming process through to completion for Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC).

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